Skin Superfood Brightening Bundle


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Brightens, hydrates, and protects delicate eye area – Reduces puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines – Contains antioxidant-rich Pomegranate and Raspberry Seed Oil If eyes are windows to the soul, we want ours to look bright, healthy, and beautiful. We’ve harnessed the natural power of superfood pomegranate for an eye serum that aims to brighten, hydrate, and protect the delicate eye area. Antioxidant-rich Pomegranate works in synergy with Raspberry Seed Oil – high in fatty acids and vitamin E – to help alleviate under-eye puffiness, reduce dark circles, and improve the appearance of fine lines. Calendula Flower Extract has antioxidants that can protect the skin from environmental pollutants which cause premature aging. We’ve packed a lot in this little bottle. Throw this eye serum in your bag to help refresh and revive tired eyes on the go, and apply at night to wake up to rested, bright under-eyes. – Watermelon Superfood Cleanser leaves skin clean and free of impurities – 2-in-1 hero product for perfect cleansing routine – Nourishing jelly formula promotes rejuvenated complexion Our Watermelon Superfood Cleanser is the perfect solution for clean and healthy skin, whether you wear makeup or not. It effectively removes impurities and aggressors that accumulate throughout the day, leaving your skin squeaky clean. The formula, enriched with super-fruit watermelon and nourishing coconut, hydrates and moisturizes your skin. With glycerin retaining water in the epidermis, your skin feels soothed and fresh. This cleanser is gentle enough for daily use, both in the morning and evening, and it eliminates the need for a separate makeup remover. It also supports your skin’s natural barrier, providing increased protection and resilience for a rejuvenated complexion. – Enhance complexion daily with moisturizer – Improve skin elasticity and smoothness – Reduce and protect against fine lines and wrinkles Our moisturizer is designed to improve skin elasticity and smooth…


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